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In a couple of days I will be sending my first, monthly newsletter and I’m so excited about that! If you want to join me on this adventure and be inspired, sign up on the form below (your first and last name and your email address) You will also get two of my songs for free!

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Shutting down my old blog

Soon I will shut down my old blog so those of you who follow me there, welcome to this new one! When I started the blog many yeas ago, I didn’t have a website but now I have! Here’s a photo from yesterdays recording at WetRoomStudio, so much fun!klaman


Crayfish party

Yesterday evening I was at the Stable Birds annual crayfish party, so nice! We ate, sang, chattered :) and had a lottery, it was so much fun to meet all the lovely birds again! Right now I’m preparing for the nursing song that I’m having this afternoon at a retirement home and tomorrow, I will record a song written by Bert Månsson and Åsa Karlström at WetRoomStudio and Martin Klaman. Here’s a photo from yesterday, me and some of my lovely Stable Bird friends at the crayfish party


Ok, this is a test. Eventually, I will shut down my old blog and use this space on my website instead. Until I’ve learned how to make it look the way I want to, bear with me :) I’m still learning how to use iContact (I’m doing pretty good!) and soon I will send my first newsletter! I’ve been thinking about that a couple of years (!) and a lot of fans have signed up for the newsletter at my concerts, so it’s about time! Earlier this week, I had a really nice gig with Sanna and besides that, I do a lot of marketing and I also have an exciting project going on that I will announce soon! In June, I recorded my new song Live Your Life at Polar Studios and the song is now available for download under Downloads – Live Your Life!

”Thank you Susanne for a wonderful song! Like a prayer, a prayer of gratitude and a celebration of life! – Carin Hedberg, journalist